Our Mission

Providing the best products and processes for PVD metalization.

By creating solutions that are proven to work, we allow quick production startup and high yields.


We offer best-in-class performance products, able to meet the requirement of customer applications, by accurately selecting suppliers.


Continuous investments in research allows us to provide the latest technologies available in the field of metalization and coatings.


Our products and process are enviromental friendly. They have been optimized for low energy consumption and VOC emissions.

Our reference markets

Coating Technology operates in three different markets. For each of them we are able to offer products suitable to meet the customer expectations in terms of quality, efficency, cost and regulations.

Caps and closures

Off the shelf solutions are available for base and top coating on a variety of substrate materials. We have developed products for plastic and metal packaging, in both rigid and flexible versions.

Cosmetic packaging

Our range of materials dedicated to the cosmetic packaging is the right choice when top quality is a must. This coatings can be combined with a wide range of metals and finishes for unlimited design possibilities.


Aesthetics and functionality are the key elements in the automotive industry. Our solution combines chromium deposition and UV coatings for a cost effective galvanic deposition replacement.


Our varnishing products range from thermal to UV curable coatings

UV curable coatings

  • Top performance, high scratch and chemical resistance, super glossy finishes
  • Fast curing times reduce the risk of dust contamination on the parts during the process
  • 100% solids, solvent free formulas can be used to meet the most strict environmental requirements

Thermal curable coatings

  • Cost effective, high performance solution used when curing time is not critical
  • Effect pigments can be included in the coatings for stunning colors and surprising finishes
  • Solvent or water-borne formulas can be chosen depending on the application

Custom developments

  • We are specialists of tailor made solutions
  • A motivated team of experts is available to design, develop and fine tune new products
  • Our skill ranges from traditional HVLP applications to innovative electrostatic and airless spray systems

Latest News

Our latest developments and achievements

UV led lamps represent the current benchmark for energy efficiency in radiation curing. Our new formula adapts the well known UV products of our range to the emission spectrum of the new lamps. The result is a coating with high cross-linking and superior performance even if cured with the new LED lamps.

A new family of high performance UV coatings, dedicated to the metal packaging, has been introduced. It meets the demand of a durable and tough metalization top coating while mantaining an high degree of flexibility: the product withstand knurling and cutting operations without cracking or releasing dust.